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11 Awesome Jack Kerouac Quotes

If you’ve never read “On The Road”, do it right now – this is classic which appears on almost every list of Top 100 American novels. Best known for this novel, Jack Kerouac was a pioneer of the Beat Generation and a remarkable writer.

To inspire you on making your own writing efforts, here are some of his most famous quotes.

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12 Inspiring Quotes About Writing [Infographic]

Writing isn’t easy. It can be especially hard during the period of exams, term papers and numerous essays that should all be written during a week. Challenging, isn’t it?

You may be surprised, but even professional, no, even writers by calling can have hard times with lack of inspiration, confidence and creativity. Here are 12 quotes by famous authors, speakers and scientists on how to find your voice, your style and do a great job!

Get inspired!

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