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Online Courses That Will Improve Your Writing Skills

Being a good writer is, unfortunately, not the skill most of us are born with. It takes tones of hard work and, more importantly, practice. However, writing is an essential part of every learning process in any university or college, and that is the way you can show your understanding of the subject, express your thoughts and opinions. It goes without saying, in order to succeed, you have to write good.

Luckily, the art of writing is not a secret or mystery, and there are plenty of courses that can improve your writing skills. For free! Online, you don’t even have to leave your laptop or your couch.

So, just pick the one you like best of all and make progress with the best teachers:

English 104: College Composition writing course by Study.com. Designed for college students, this course will teach about essay and thesis writing from development of ideas to essay structure and use of different types of sentences or punctuation.

How to Write an Essay by Berkeley University of California. It is an introductory course to academic writing in English with the focus on grammar, editing skills and essay development in general.

English Grammar and Essay Writing by Berkeley University of California. This course is part 2 for the previous one, and it is focused on proof-reading and self-editing as well as the tone and vocabulary of your writing piece. It helps to develop the persuasive writing techniques and will be a good fit for future students who are applying to college.

Next session: 11 Jan 2016

Writing what you know by Open University. This free course is aimed to develop descriptive writing skills and encourages students to see more detail in the everyday world.

A Beginner’s Guide to Writing in English for University Study by University of Reading. This course targets mainly international students who began their studies at English speaking countries. It will provide you a brief intro to academic writing and grammar specifics, give the outlook on stages in essay writing. The result is a well-written basic academic essay.

Next session: 18 Jan 2016

How to Succeed at: Writing Applications by the University of Sheffield. The course will help to write exceptional applications whether you are applying studies at the university or college and give you valuable tips on creating outstanding CVs, cover letters and personal statements. The course will include a lot of practice, which enables you to collect a good portfolio by the end of studies.

Academic and Business Writing by Berkeley University of California. This course is focused on writing specifics for different disciplines, particularly for science, engineering, social sciences and humanities. By the end of the course you should an expert in writing statements of purpose.

Next session: 18 Apr 2016

Writing in the Sciences online course by Stanford University. Designed for science students and researches, the course helps to become a more efficient writer starting from the principles of good writing and grammar, and ending with reviews, publishing, and even such problems like plagiarism and authorship.