How to improve everything you write


There are several steps we want to share with you. They’ll help to improve your essays, or other writing works. Feel free to try it!

Fist thing we need is to open our ready essay file in comfortable editor(like Word), and press CTRL+H – find and replace function.

Second – one by one(not all at once), find next words and try to delete or replace them:

  • very, just and really – remove all three
  • in order – delete, as in “I did this in order to do that”
  • that – delete, as in “I believe that you are correct”
  • quite – delete, excess word
  • thing – replace with specific word for the “thing”
  • utilize – switch to “use” or pick another verb
  • get or got – pick another, more descriptive verb
  • -ing werbs – “I am writing” becomes “I write”

Third – Reread your document to check your edits

And finally, submit your work with confidence!

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